I got to see Hillary doing anal live on cam

and I finally did, one of the world’s most famous adult actresses, the model of all adult models, which are talking about Pornstar Hillary Scott. I have been a big fan of hers since she started a few years ago in the adult entertainment business, and when I found out that she was actually doing live WebCam porn, I didn’t think twice to Google it and to find out exactly on what website she was doing. There I found out that there are hundreds of famous pornstars fucking in exclusive for the network that I just linked in this paragraph.


I myself was a little skeptical the first time that I decided to try these Live Pornstars Shows. it was an incredible pleasure to see that it was so different, so convenient, and the quality was abnormal to what I was used to watching on other websites, that by the way were very disappointing and never gave you the value you will paying for.

Before I forget me tell you that there is another new website on this very network that offers you Pornstars masturbation shows and the best part of it is that you don’t have to pay a single cent more to get access to this website, if you are already signed up at one of the networks websites and therefore over at Cherrypimps.com or Wildoncam.com you will get automatic and no cost to you access to this other brand-new website as well.

Hillary loves doing live porn (so she said)

There are hundreds of extremely Hot Pornstars and then they are the top pornstars, that actually happened to be around 15 maybe 20 of them, all of them have done dozens of porn videos that nearly all of them have ended up on DVD, or even pay-per-view on television, and never the less you find them also on nearly every single porn tube on the Internet just to mention one I could say, you can find all Hillary Scott’s most popular porn videos on the mega porn tube called Spugle.com


Said that now know that Hillary is a worldwide famous adult model, but you didn’t need to read what I just said to understand that, we all know that she has been around for a few years now and is a so-called blockbuster I don’t model and actress, in the adult industry she has pulled such high numbers that they have actually begged her to become one of the Live Pornstars on the website that I’m sure most of you already know called Wildoncom.com.

now that I’ve mentioned the website should I mentioned to in this brief blog post, if you yet still have two visit either one I could tell you to visit them and I’ll keep it short and I won’t say anything else so instead of reading you can actually look what they have to offer and if it is something that you think you could be interested in, just like the 2 million members that do think it’s pretty cool, you can take the free trial and even have members access for a few days and understand every single aspect of what you will have once you become a full member and obviously enjoy the services at the extremely low price that they are offering it at on a daily basis.

Hillary and live porn videos via webcam!

Well it is nothing new, that she is among the top Pornstars, let’s say of this was Hollywood, she would be most probably a nominee for the best actress in the next Academy Awards. If she was made out of metal she would be platinum, if she was liquid she would be the Pacific Ocean, if she was food she would be an all you can eat buffet at the Ritz Hotel in Paris LOL. I used to so many metaphors right now that I forgot what I was going to talk about.

Well, the most important thing is that we are talking about Pornstar Hillary Scott, that today is one of the most famous and appreciated live pornstars the web has ever seen since live porn started a long time ago. I recall watching my first live sex performance, back in 1999, however they already existed since 97 when the first DSL connections came out in the United States and Canada and a few years later obviously in Europe and the rest of the world to follow.


Right now though it’s not just live porn it’s actually Live Pornstars and that makes it a lot better, simply because it is just one network that can offer this, or the most famous adult actresses have an exclusive with this network and therefore that’s why I’m saying only one network can offer this. Couple of the websites I belong to this network are CherryPimps.com and its new sister website Wildoncam.com. Both are doing extremely well, in fact there are close to 2.2 million members that have registered and that are active watchers all the live porn that is going down on a daily basis.

Hillary Scott – Wildoncam.com – Luve Porn Video Shows

When I was told that Hillary Scott on Wildoncam.com was doing live porn I nearly jumped out of my seat, first thing she is my favorite pornstar, and second of all she is quoted in the top 25 most popular porn stars of all time, not porn stars that are active and are in the business still working and still taking it up the ass LOL, I’m talking about porn stars of all time and if you consider that porn exists on a high scale rate since the early 70s, then that’s quite a big deal if you think that passed and present adult models are close to 350,000, at least the registered adult models were in that numbers, so yes she is one of the finest, one of the smartest, one of the most sexiest and of course she is one great big slut and that is all the ingredients to making a perfect pornstar.


I personally have not met Hillary, I was very close to meeting her a few weeks ago at the AVN meeting for adult entertainment in Las Vegas but unfortunately she was dragged away on business to Los Angeles, however I spoke to her manager and I should be getting an interview from her the next time that we can possibly meet at an adult show in the United States or Canada, and I will be happy to film it and posted obviously here on her dedicated blog. So the guys over at CherryPimps.com have her doingLive Pornstar sex She is one of the women of the moment, she is the one that had the biggest bounce rate along with Phoenix Marie and Ava Devine, that bounce rate would mean people logging on to watch the show, and just to make a very long and complex discussion short and easy to understand, it’s like the show before her that was a basket of apples watching, as soon as she started her show a truckload of apples just drove in to watch LOL.

So what I see it is not just me and that her Live Porn Movies all quite an attraction she is a top adult model and this network should be absolutely proud to have her, she is absolutely amazing when she makes porn, so can you imagine how good she is when you’re actually watching the porn being made, when you are watching it live, it is like being there, it is like sitting down and watching it in the same room, it is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life trust me.

Hillary Scott’s latest live porn videos on CherryPimps.com

Hey guys were back, if you remember a little over a month ago I was talking about Hillary becoming a Live Pornstars where she would be acting in live sex shows and she would be having sex and making porn live streamed over the Internet, well in a little over 45 days and several shows that she has made the administrators of the website where she’s doing the shows that would be cherrypimps.com, she is actually the leading porn star out of everyone else that is doing shows like she is live for everyone to watch.

I’m talking about close to 1000 porn stars and she is number one, so in other words just like she is when she makes regular porn videos where she’s always in the top five when it comes out the sales and of course preferreds among all visitors, she is now number one also in the live show section of the adult entertainment world.


We have a 100% winner, this girl, let’s say this extremely hot girl, because that’s the truth she is a sex bomb and not only Aycock muncher has no limits she can end up anywhere, I actually believe that she could have a career in the mainstream movies as well because she is actually really good at acting as well as taking cock up all her holes which obviously is a part off her Live Porn Shows thing.

But keep in mind also that you will find many other Famous Pornstars really hot and absolutely devoted to their live porn shows, it costs less to watch life porn that it does regular porn on a regular paysite, and trust me when I say that it costs a lot less to watch it live that it would to watch it recorded.

Hillary Scott now doing live porn on new webcam network

Pornstar Hillary Scott Is by far the prettiest of all porn stars that I have seen in these past three or four years that I have been writing articles about porn stars themselves. She is also one of the most popular porn stars that there is today on the Internet, this is not me saying it out of the blue it is actually a survey that was held a few months ago and she turned up at third Place as the most popular porn star of 2014. These however are just numbers, I preferred to check the porn stars out themselves while they are doing movies and that was an option for people that were actually in the adult business, but today it is no longer an option for the few it is actually reality where you can watch porn stars while they are making a porn video, now how cool is that?!!

hillary scott cherry pimps

What they did is they made Pornstar live cams, that’s simply have them fuck life, have them do it while there are several WebCams rolling and broadcasting on hundreds of thousands of people’s computers where everybody can actually see them while they are having sex and not have to wait until the video is edited and then put on DVD or placed on a paysite back and actually take weeks if not months.

This Pornstars live sex is a new concept, however it is something that is going to stay, this has polled so many huge numbers, that you would actually find it hard to believe, the website that has the exclusive of broadcasting live porn videos is getting an average of 261 new members that sign up every single minute, that’s how popular this is becoming, so my next question would be: What are you waiting for?

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